Philosophy behind Samagra

The non-government organization

Non-government organization Samagra Foundation. Lets start with the name ‘Samagra’ in Sanskrit means ‘Integrity, unity, altogether”. It is indeed the creation of something new and unique that drives us here at Samagra Foundation. The driving force behind any non-profit organization is to change the world for a better. But we are not merely content with changing the world. We want to help shape and create a new one.




The Samagra Foundation is a non-government organization headquartered in Nashik, Maharashtra, India

Samagra Foundation attempting to make a positive and enduring change in the communities living in wretched destitution and undue imbalance. Regardless of religion, position, statement of faith, race, ethnicity or gender.

Whether through improving quality of life through better education, empowerment, Health, and environment or through raising awareness and training. We Samagraians believe in creating a new world. A world filled with hope and possibilities, where empowerment and potential triumph over helplessness and despair. Through our various activities and campaigns, we at Samagra Foundation believe in the power of change through communication, through education, through empowerment, and through collaboration and work with integrity. Come, Start the journey of Wholeness with us…

Initiated giveaways to the real-time seekers

    • ☑ 2000+ clothes donated to unfounded.


    • ☑ 500+ tree planted.


    • ☑ Educational necessities distributed.


    • ☑ Teaching program initiated in orphanages.
    • ☑ Seminars conducted in orphanages on Space, Technology, Vedic history and Health


    • ☑ Blood donation and free Eye checkup, Blood checkup camp organized.


    • ☑ Eye checking camps in an orphanage.


    • ☑ Awareness of basic children’s and women rights.


    • ☑ Under Project, SAKSHAM initiated Documenting and Training of  Person with disabilities.


    • ☑ Initiated designing SHOONYA – Children magazine
    • ☑ Initiated designing of a training center for empowering handicap persons.


    • ☑ We have initiated digital teaching.


    • ☑ 600+ clothes donated till now.


    • ☑ Designing a training center in villages.


    • ☑ Seminars conducted in orphanages on Space, Technology, Vedic history and Health.


    • ☑ Distributed educational necessities.


    • ☑ Started working on video lectures.


    • ☑ Winter clothes donation
    • ☑ Launching project JIGYASA – Q & A session.


    • ☑ Started designing a series of courses on the basis of analysis and the experience of training PwD till now…
    • 1 July, 1000+ saplings planted on hill in collaboration with VanPrastha Foundation
    • Distributed Needful materials ( dry fruits, clothes, grains, sanitary napkins etc. ) Sangli citizens during floods
    •   Launch Project SAKSHAM – Transforming lives, An training center for Women, PwD, the end of the year.

20-20  Project

  • Ayurai – Ayurvedic sacred grooves.
  • ☑ Digital school ( 100% free for children regardless of any caste or religion)
  • ☑ Project Honour – To provide empowerment oriented education to the masses.
  • ☑ To provide Nutrition to 10,000 childrens



Humanity and integrity in living wholeness



Samagra aim’s to develop the brilliant youthful personalities of tomorrow.



Our core values are Accountability, Ambition, Collaboration, Creativity, Integrity.

Collaborating for Change