National Creativity Festival 2020

Greetings Everyone, cheer-up there is some good news. Samagra Foundation is holding a National Competition for Creativity. Due to the current ongoing COVID-19 situation we are all stuck in our homes aloof from the outside world. Well Samagra Foundation has got an idea which would bring the outside world inside our homes-

Diabetes in children’s

The age of diabetes is rapidly declining in India. This alarm bell should be heard promptly. With World Diabetes Day and India's Children's Day coming together, it is unfortunate that so many diabetics are starting to find young children. This wave can be repaid if you take proper care … Diabetes is

Disability is not making people disable but our behaviour towards them . Think about it…

Disability is any condition that makes it progressively hard for an individual to do certain exercises or associating with the world around them. As per Censes 2011, out of the 121 Cr populace, 2.68 Cr individuals are incapacitated which records to 2.21% of the absolute populace.  Inability isn't only a private yet

The only thing we talk about is environmental protection. There is a lot to be done on the surface

The flowing waters of rivers of nature provide beautiful waterfalls, beautiful waterfalls, lush green mountains, picturesque gardens, lush green trees, the beauty of the mountainous areas, the enjoyment of the snow on the mountains, the walk of the mountains in the summer season, the lush green forest, In the sanctuaries, deer, deer,