Surrogacy in India

 Written by Divya Kumari Edited by Himanshi Shivani Surrogacy is a technique of assisted reproduction where parents deliberately assign a gestational surrogate who will bear and care for their baby until birth. Basically, it's "rent a womb". Couples, who're biologically unable to have a child or who simply don't want to get pregnant, use

Signs of Violence in a Relationship

12 Signs You're in an Abusive Relationship Written by Lipika B. Nabajya Edited by Himanshi Shivani Does your relationship status bother you often? Are you noticing strange behaviors or behavioral changes in your partner? Are you constantly bothered whether your partner loves you or not? Do you constantly feel threatened by your partner and your

Are our Healthcare Workers Getting their Due?

Written by Divya Kumari Edited by Himanshi Shivani A healthcare worker is the one who delivers care and services to the sick and unwell population either directly as doctors and nurses or indirectly as pharmacists, nursing assistants, medical assistants, phlebotomists helpers, laboratory technicians, or even medical waste handlers. There are approximately 59 million healthcare workers

Diabetes in children’s

The age of diabetes is rapidly declining in India. This alarm bell should be heard promptly. With World Diabetes Day and India's Children's Day coming together, it is unfortunate that so many diabetics are starting to find young children. This wave can be repaid if you take proper care … Diabetes is


Ayurai Sacred Groves, as the name suggests are the forests that hold a sacred value among the community due to its old cultural and traditional significance. Sacred forests or groves comprises essentials of natural vegetation. From a few trees to several acres, they are dedicated to local deities or tree spirits. When