Samagra Campaigns Gallery

Rejoicing lives!!! Freely given and taken

Helping Hands, Samagra Foundation is working  outstandinglyt build a  nobles environment. “Helping Hands” is a perfect epitome as we are serving to provide education to underprivileged students, helping in terms of finance to the needy people, spreading awareness about health and hygiene, helping with food, cloth, and books to support the
impoverished class. We samagraians are trying our best to bring smile on the face of orphans, needy ,oldagers, handicapped, and specially challenged people. By  preservingour nature, by planting trees, by feeding birds and stray dogs, Samagra Foundation is showing a magnanimous gesture.

Many more Samagra Campaigns are awaiting related to our causes. There is more to be desired. Because we looked closely, experienced. We know that giving does not diminish the giver, but the happiness of the beneficiary is so overwhelming. And this joy encourages us to do even more. We gladly accept responsibility and are ready to fulfill the requirements immediately. We can carry out the responsibility because you are always with us.