The age of diabetes is rapidly declining in India. This alarm bell should be heard promptly. With World Diabetes Day and India’s Children’s Day coming together, it is unfortunate that so many diabetics are starting to find young children. This wave can be repaid if you take proper care …
Diabetes is literally taking the form of a monster today. Now almost every single person diagnosed with nausea suffers from this disease. The number of Westerners we adopt, the study of children coming at a young age, the repression of work is increasing. The important thing is that your diabetes is different from Westerners. The church they are in is thick, heavy. It is also happening to some of the thinnest, thinnest ones. In the western world most of the diabetics are in the forties. Your stats are not the same. Today we have at least twenty percent of patients inside it. Although most of our food is leaning toward vegetarianism, the levels of sugar, jaggery and carbohydrates (carbohydrate) are much higher than those of Westerners. On the contrary, your spoon of lettuce is much smaller than the size of their salad. Most Westerners exercise a lot. We value comfort a lot. There is good news in medical care, you have a great Bajjpuri. There is no place for parents in medical thinking and treatment. However, we have a big departure from them. As a result of this, our diabetics are suffering from blood pressure, heart disease at a very young age. At that time, in the youth of Ain, men started to rise from us. More and more diabetic kidneys (kidneys) begin to deteriorate or become completely degenerated. Literacy: Millions of diabetics are starting to suffer premature blindness. It is closely linked to the prevalence of diabetes, kidney disorders, heart disease and blood pressure. Nowadays, the middle class cannot afford hospital or long-term treatment unless there is no medical insurance or other cover. Then imagine what is happening to those who grow up in poverty. The question of whether good and modern treatment is not available everywhere is even different.

Against this backdrop, there is only one better and more economical way for us today. It is to prevent the growth of diabetes. The idea of ​​’Prevention is Better the Cure’ applies to any disease today. We are witnessing a revolution made by Polio’s ‘Do Boond Zindagi Ke’. Similar thinking should now be in diabetes. Steps must be taken to prevent diabetes. That potential patient even when young.

It is easy to prevent, prevent, and at least postpone diabetes. This has been proven in a trial in England. We can apply the same criteria. Just a few changes. They have to adapt to your lifestyle. How to do it now? First of all, those who are likely to get diabetes in the future should find out today. Diabetes is more likely for parents who have diabetes, grandparents who suffer from kidney disease, or those who have had premature ejaculation. In some people, acanthosis nigricans appear on the skin for some time before the blood sugar can rise. By taking a survey of all of these through a questionnaire, one can estimate future diabetes. They wanted to be different. To guide them on their blood tests and for those who have no diabetes but who are on the sugar border line, about their eating and drinking, exercise. Through this, sugar can be reduced by about 58 percent. Although this venture is successful India’s incidence of diabetes can be halved in half.
We must start somewhere. With this objective in mind, ‘Stop Diabetes’ is undertaken. The initiative is mainly aimed at college students. Moreover, there is also the idea of ​​raising awareness through other media. There are many ways that media organizations can be used, such as student organizations, IT or large-scale youth working offices, Christian parishes. Those who want to implement the program themselves can also be provided with ready questionnaires. Lectures can be given to raise awareness. Blood can be checked in the eyes as well as the eyes, kidneys. There is so much to do. There is so much to do together.

Once a person has diabetes he continues to suffer in many ways. So it’s important not to let that happen. The next generation should be saved from this crisis so that India should not become a diabetes capital. Let’s make such a determination today.

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