It has been 67 years since our country gained its Independence. It has been 26 years for passing out the Human Rights Law, also the fact that we are living in the 21st century, and still there are some people who are being prohibited of using these rights. Transgender people frequently content with serious challenges for living lives in dignity. They face high risk of violent assault, discrimination in healthcare and employment, social life, etc. What’s the use of these many years of independence if people have to live in fear by their own fellow country-men. No one ever is ready to talk about them. They are the most ignored society in our country, they are even ignored by our Government whom we have choosed to run our country with proper rules giving equality to each and every person residing in our nation.
You can also Google, no Equal Rights have been provided to the Transgender people. “There is no Federal Law designating Transgender as a protected class, or specifically requiring equal treatment for transgender people”, to be precise. This statement alone depicts the scenario of Trans-genders. They are denied of the one of the most basic and fundamental right. Also if they don’t have equality rights they won’t be having the Right to Speech.

This is a very serious topic based on the country we live in. The main reason is that in India, if we can’t speak for self well being then it is really hard to survive. We know that there are a lot of Indians who get frustrated in the entire day and just wait for the opportunity to take their frustration out on others. Trans-genders become an easy target for these type of people, considering the fact that they have been ignored by almost each and every person of the society including Police, Doctors, even the Government do not have a concern about them.
According to CNN, at least 22 trans-gender people have been killed this year. It’s the 5th year in row that at least 20 trans-genders people were killed.

Samagra Foundation has taken the initiative for trying to get these people the rights they have been ignored and banned from practicing. According to us the fact they being trans-gender should not be considered for any healthcare, jobs etc.

We cannot do this all alone we will be requiring your help for this.
For this all you have to do is sign this Petition and we will try our best to get these people there civil rights.

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