From the outskirts you can see the mountainous terrain looming in the distance these mountaintops are home to remote tribal villages where every resource requires immense effort to bring back home education is one of these resources as finding enough teachers for quality schools is a constant challenge we are taking up the primary education because the goals are very far off to achieve the children has to be really picked up Samagra foundation is embracing a series of e-Learning programs in village schools throughout the region these are self-sufficient computer programs projected onto a large screen in the classroom that offer lessons in a variety of subjects. when this student are very young then they use computer easily we trained them in our computers we trained them into a games but the long-term project is enhancing their educational quality and bringing up the generation on a different platform but setting up the computer program is just one piece of the puzzle getting the kids into the classroom is another in 2020.
The school part of the problem was lack of nutrition the struggle for food and good health took priority over education we found that all these tribals kids are very low in a BMI and it was needed to increase their BMI because their health was not coming along for education they were not strongly built their absentees were quite a bit and their learning abilities were not up to the mark so we decided that we should go on a nutritional support program.
This is a turning point in our learning process because earlier Torrent are not talk with us confidently but due to this learning process the student are very confident they use words like English words one key value from this program is that it allows the students to teach themselves and their families.
What we do for the children is really going to affect their future we think they can go for good higher studies from leaving the village they can work outside and they can earn good money but the idea is that as the children advance their studies they also return home to transform their villages into productive communities with a much higher standard of living what do we see grassley is that definitely there is a chain and the gap between the urban and the rural divide is decreasing rapidly.
To keep their programs alive and thriving we look at it that the self sustainable organization because the donors always feel happy if the program continues for a longer time and those providing support are more than happy with the results
We ready to open up this special school we are just saying the expressions we can only imagine that there’s a sense of change it’s just there’s an astonishing experience to watch them so obediently and reverently just watch what is on the screen so absolutely amazing this is very basic program these most of the things that we are doing are replicable most of the things that we are doing are scaleable most of the things that we are done are innovative.
Samagra foundation offers other programs for these communities like handmade and vocational training with the marketplace for the adults that in turn provide sustainable income but e-learning is their cornerstone the foundation with the greatest return as he carries the hope to transform these villages for generations.

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