It has been 67 years since our country gained its Independence. It has been 26 years for passing out the Human Rights Law, also the fact that we are living in the 21st century, and still societies attitude towards trans-gender people haven’t changed yet.
People still think that transgender are not equal to their level, they do not deserve to live and also the trans-genders sometimes fall victims to physical violence of people like these.
Trans-genders haven’t been given the equal rights from the beginning. They don’t have the Right to Equality, Right to Speech, hell they don’t even have the right to define their own gender and the challenges they face while in school or in office is another thing.
In school, they are always the one who get picked up on. They are always humiliated in front of the whole school. They are even sexually abused, but they can’t tell this to anyone because of the matter of fact who cares what happens with a trans-gender, because according to the people they do not fit in the society and they must not exist. Well these are the scenarios after they are successful in securing admission in any school.
In office, the competition starts form the very 1st step. The job application, since they aren’t allowed to define their gender, they are left with no choice but to go with M or F. Then if get selected and somebody somehow finds out that they are trans-genders, they are booed, they are left all alone, no one in the office will talk to them, eventually they will be forced to quit the job. Well these are the scenarios if they get a job but first if they are successful in getting themselves admitted in school.
In day-to-day life, they face tonnes of challenges for which they got no options other than just ignoring them. They have to constantly deal with the people judging them. They are not allowed to live in a good society all alone for the reason of their gender. This will result in them living in slums and people out there are just pathetic. They will taunt the trans-gender in all sorts of pathetic and humiliating ways. Living there may also result in physical violence.
This was just a short explanation about how the societies behaves and discriminates with trans-genders. The reality is far worse then the words used here.

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