The flowing waters of rivers of nature provide beautiful waterfalls, beautiful waterfalls, lush green mountains, picturesque gardens, lush green trees, the beauty of the mountainous areas, the enjoyment of the snow on the mountains, the walk of the mountains in the summer season, the lush green forest, In the sanctuaries, deer, deer, leopards, jumping monkeys, jumping lions, wandering lions, birds tweeting, peacocks dancing, coy sweet cooks. , Colorful, sea waves, rain-soaked fountains, the loss of savannah, who will not be tempted. This beautiful gift of nature makes human life intuitive, simple and enjoyable.

Everything that is called an angel (prefix), which is the cover of the perimeter or range around us, is what we call the name of the environment. Water, air, earth, fire and sky are the basic elements of human life. It is through these panchayats that the human life is considered as a creation, and from these the existence of our creation and human being. As long as the coordination, balance and organization of these five elements of creation are integrated in determining quantities, we say that our environment is right. As the balance of these components deteriorates, then the environment deteriorates and we say that the environment is becoming polluted. The relation between nature and man has been interdependent since time immemorial.

Discussing these components of the environment, we see that from time immemorial, civilizations along rivers have evolved. The river Ganga and Yamuna, etc., have always been considered sacred and their worship of Goddess is continuing. These holy rivers are polluting our cause today. We are that we do not believe and have started to pollute these rituals of human funeral rituals, throwing dirty trash, leaving drains in rivers. Many rivers have disappeared from the map and some rivers have narrowed.

Glaciers on the Himalayas are melting with rising temperatures. Some glaciers have changed their location. With the melting of glaciers, all the water comes into the rivers and the life of the river. If the temperature continues to rise and the glaciers cease to exist, where will the rivers escape? Here we see the outbreak of nature’s fire element along with water as the temperature rises. The rise in temperature has had an impact on our nature and the weather cycle.

Rainy days have decreased. Even so, we are indifferent to rain water conservation. Traditional water sources also need protection of the Bawdis and ponds. Water shortage has impacted not only on humans but also on animals and animals living in forests. In the past when it was raining, they did not lack water all year long. Now many times the situation becomes such that the government has to provide drinking water for the animals and birds. The government has kept up the water conservation campaign but every person has to be aware and come forward in this direction.

The only way to maintain the combination of elements of the earth is to save the cut forests and people come forward for maximum planting. Humans harvested trees indiscriminately for their needs. The forest began to evacuate and created a crisis for the animals and the birds. It is the lack of trees that these days the cliffs of the mountains fall and fall events occur. Massive exploitation of diamonds, gold, silver, bronze, iron, nugs, various types of mineral herbs, stones etc. in the womb of the earth has become the major cause of imbalance of the elements of the earth. Similarly, by putting more pastesite in cultivation and adding more water than necessary, they are damaging the health of the land and it is not getting the desired yield. We have to save our earth along with water.

Human life depends on oxygen. Our tree is the only factory to produce oxygen in nature. There is a lack of oxygen in the atmosphere and carbon dioxide and other poisonous gases are on the rise. Increasing use of ACs and coolers, vehicles leaving smoke, smoke emitting from factories and toxic gases are the major causes that are polluting the air. The only way to protect the air from pollution is to plant more and more trees. Plants to prevent pollution in factories and smoke throwing vehicles should be closed.

Life element The temperature in the sky is constantly rising and breathable air is available up to some level of the earth. As − goes upwards the amount of oxygen decreases. We also have to maintain this balance.

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