We know children are future of any country, but future can be depressing for them if they won’t be provided with safe sanitation and hygiene in schools.
Sanitation and Hygiene is one of most the basic need of any living being. When it comes to children, parents can make sure of cleanliness but what about when children aren’t home.
School not only provides education but it also provides learning environment to the children. But all this is only affective when you provide them with proper sanitation and hygiene facilities.
The unclean environment creates an opportunity for diseases to spread. A lot of diseases like Cholera, Diarrhoea, Dysentery, etc are a result of this unclean environment.
According to a survey, around 1.5 million children die’s of diarrhea all over the world each year. About 83% of all diseases are caused by poor sanitation and poor hygiene across the world.
Students studying in these public schools are the future of India. People are ignoring the fact that though they are not your children but still they are children and all children must be taken proper care of. They must be provided with proper food, proper sanitation and hygiene in toilets being of the utmost importance.
Schools have been ignoring these children and still are not cleaning and not taking care of sanitation facilities and hygiene in toilets.
Samagra Foundation has taken the initiative of trying to get these kids get proper and safe sanitation and hygiene facilities at-least in their schools. According to us, getting proper and safe Hygiene and Sanitation is a right for all the living beings on earth.

But we can’t do this alone. We will be requiring your support.
All you have to do is just sign this petition and we will try our best to make the facility of safe sanitation and hygiene in public schools toilets.

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