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The Samagra Foundation is headquartered in Nashik, Maharashtra, India. Samagra Foundation attempting to make a positive and enduring change in the communities living in wretched destitution and undue imbalance. Regardless of religion, position, statement of faith, race, ethnicity or gender. Whether through improving quality of life through better education, empowerment, health, and environment. We Samagraians believe in forming the minds for new world. A world filled with hope and possibilities, where empowerment and potential triumph over helplessness and despair. Through our various activities and campaigns, we at Samagra Foundation believe in the power of change through communication, education, empowerment, and collaboration and work with integrity. Come, Start the journey of Wholeness with us…

ESTD. 2016

Established to help

Initiated giveaways to the real-time seekers. Blood donation and free Eye checkup, Blood checkup camp organized. Under Project, SAKSHAM initiated Documenting and Training of Person with disabilities.

Helped to homeless peoples

2000+ clothes donated to unfounded. Educational necessities distributed.

Help to orphanages

Teaching program initiated in orphanages. Seminars conducted in orphanages on Space, Technology, Vedic history and Health. Distributed educational necessities to the orphans.


1000+ saplings planted on hill in collaboration with VanPrastha Foundation

After helping the lots of peoples and livehoods, we conclude that the illiteracy is root of every problem.


  • To be the fountainhead for empowering and transforming lives through education.
  • Gurukul dome for the orphans, learners, specially abled, transgenders.
  • Samagra aim’s to develop the brilliant youthful personalities of tomorrow.


  • Humanity and integrity in living wholeness
  • To optimize the potential of children, youth and women by providing holistic education through schools, collaborations and community programs.


  • Our core values are Accountability, Ambitious, Collaboration, Creativity, Integrity.
  • We believe in going above and beyond what’s expected by taking ownership of the task and seeing it through till the end.
  • We believe in people and their power to create change


  • We have taken initiatives to  transforming a generation.
  • We inspire our learners to succeed beyond academics by exposing them to career and study options.


  • Ayurai is the confluence of Devrai (Sacred forest) and ayurvedic plants. 


  • Training programs for transgenders & womens.
  • Training center for differently disabled persons.


  • To provide nutritious product to the children's from orphanages and villages.
  • Worth causes or individuals benefits from the effort.


Significance, impacts, and benefits of medicinal herbs, plants for health, education, and nature. Product development with proof in allopathic reference.  Process R&D for production process standardization. Presenting the traditional products in the modern convenient forms.


Our staff members are continuously surveying the needs of the industries. Our members are focused on to deliver the exact knowledge of industry problems and solutions or best alternatives.


We are technology-centric, so we aim to bring the best tools.  It will decrease human interventions and increase quality of outcome.



Till now we reached & spreading all over India



Live and digital training sessions



Sustainable impacts all across the country


Journey we start together and day by day new members joining us. Samagrian's are on a mission to see the youth of India equipped & empowered to live with dignity, purpose & hope by creating pathways to employment, through a heart of unconditional love.

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