Education, A pillar of life !

Knowledge is power. Information is liberating. Education is the premise of progress, in every society, in every family.

Education is rapidly becoming essential to attaining social mobility and economic stability, especially in an increasingly globalized world where technical skills and knowledge are necessary to participate in the economy. Considering this reality, Department of Education & Skill Development took initiative for better career progression.

Grow your Institute

Premium services to build 360 career graph, whether its a student, institute, trainer

Advanced Institute Management System

Hassle free manage institute. Admissions, inquires, fees, reminders and many more.

Scholarships Examination Support

Scholarship program makes a huge impact. Individual center can opt for scholarship program.

Certificate Authority

Best certificate programs that lead to high-paying jobs. Certificate is valid for government jobs as well as global opportunities wherever required.

Intra Student Network

Right environment for virtual education and mind formation. Strengthen student connections.

Certificate Validation

Easy and independent validation. So, 0% chances of fake certification. Verify the authenticity of a student's Certificate of completion.

Register Your Institute

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We shape Gators.
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Gurukul- A center for excellence

Samagra Foundation is full of opportunities, make your decision which meet your needs, expectations and goals. Lets reform your education centre with the rich experience in education distribution. Start education centre now. We start you towards success.

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