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The department of events at Samagra Foundation holds few of the most important functions ranging from Human Resource executives to networking and communication department. The department of events holds the responsibility of all the creative aspects of the organization along with interacting with the audience that we cater to and to spread a word about the organization to increase its footprint.

The purpose of this department is to come up with creative, unconventional and out of the box ideas to make the people aware of our organization and our mission. Organizing and hosting fests, competitions and galas are all an important aspect of this department. Marketing in today’s world is of the utmost importance to the success of any event and the Events department looks over that as well, interacting with the people via the social media platforms and keeping people posted about the happenings in the organization and providing them with all the necessary updates is an important facet of this department.

The Events Department is the forefront of the organization and holds the duty of generating a good first impression on everyone. The department is also responsible for the people entering the organization, making sure that the human resource coming in is up to the standards of the organization.

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