Saksham – Transforming Lives

Time has changed

The NSO (National Statistical Office) conducted a survey during July 2018 and December 2018. And you will be shocked to know that the report showed that 2.2% of India’s population is differently abled in some or the other way. What is even shocking is that 1.34 crore people with disabilities (PWDs) are at an employable age.

But are they getting their fair share of jobs and employment? ‘NO’. The reports show that there is an unemployment rate of 70% among PWDs at an employable age. This means that only 34 lakh of the total people are getting or have jobs. It is one of the most vulnerable sections of the population in India and it continues to be out of the workforce.

We aim to develop and cover a Spiritual, Intellectual and physical aspects.

Saksham - The pathway to empower disabled lives

Since, the private sector is the largest employer in India, it should play a proactive part in offering gainful employment to disabled persons. PWDs requires a greater degree of support and training, but with the right opportunities, they too can live a productive professional life.

Having access to skills training and employment opportunities can ensure a life of dignity for disabled persons. Skill building among the differently abled should be given proper importance in order to bridge the gap between disable persons and employment.

Other than this government can organize training programs for PWDs. Special training programs can be organized for transgender and women with disabilities. The perks and the topics of the training programs can be as follows : 

  • Skill development for Business, private sectors, and government sectors.
  • Government documentation and schemes. ( Research says 50% disabled persons don’t even have civil certificates).
  • Awareness of their rights to them and their guardians.
  • Intellectual development.
  • Personality development.
  • Health check-ups and exercises to recover.
  • Digital training.
  • Empowerment Training based on a type of impairment.
  • Entrepreneur training and support.
  • Coaching for competitive examination.
  • The ratio of a disabled person will grow 10-15% by 2020. Keeping out of economy results 5-7% loss in GDP. Also, GDP can expand by 27% if women get equal representation.

All the above mentioned things are ‘needed’ and they ‘should’ be done. But it is poles apart from the reality. The NSO survey results and other statistics clearly prove that enough steps are not being taken to improve the situation and status of persons with disabilities in the society. India still has a long way to go in order to become ‘developed’ in true sense.

This difference between the existing reality and the ideal world is a result of many factors. The factors like ignorance, lack of responsibility, lack of compassion, etc. become a big hurdle in development.

But if not private sector, if not corporates, if not government, if not society then someone has to feel responsible and work towards the betterment, one step at a time. That ‘someone’ has to be ‘us.’ We ‘normal’ people have to stand up. We have to play our part. We can’t just sit inside the comfort of our homes and see a section of our society suffer on a daily basis.

That is why ‘Samagra Foundation’ has stepped up and taken a step towards a better future for all, because we care. We have started a fund raiser for persons with disabilities as well as transgender and women in the hopes of a better tomorrow, not just for some but for all. All the money that will be collected will be used for the welfare of the persons with disability.

Donation of as much as 1 RS will also mean a lot because no amount is small enough when comes to development.

A Very Different Reality