Vinaya – Forming The Mind (SIP)

Creating Joyful Education

Education should not be according to a syllabus, but according to the aptitude of the child. You cannot make a plant grow in soil unsuited to it. A child teaches itself. Help it to go forward in its own way. Just take away obstacles, knowledge comes out of its own nature.

There are four fundamental parts of the mind – the Buddhi ( intellect ), the Ahankara ( identity ), the Manas ( memory ) and Chitta, which is pure intelligence. Modern societies have given too much significance to the intellect, which has led to a skewed way of approaching life. If we can touch Chitta, we have access to the source of creation.

In today’s world, we are unnecessarily giving excessively significance to intellect and we will pay an enormous price for this. You will come to a place where you’ll know everything but you’ll know nothing of life significance.

We aim to develop and cover a Spiritual, Intellectual and physical aspects under Project VINAYA

Vinaya – Syllabus And Pattern In Short

That is why we have designed Vinaya – forming the mind, a 3 months skill development program where we cover aspects of life along with educational lectures.

  • ABCD for life
  • Learnings by games.
  • Educational programs ( ex. Technolgy, health, Vedic mathematics, science, ancient history etc.)
  • Shoonya magazine
  • Detailed documentation we will update soon…

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