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Learning is a lifelong journey, the journey should begin joyfully.

It is intended to know the potential ability in children, and help them to seek after in any conceivable way. The most vital factor of life for the development is curiosity. We attempting to create curiosity. What’s more, to expand the enthusiasm for perusing. Since we as a whole know if you cease perusing, in the long run, it will stop developing, lacks significant characteristics of life. Of Course, it relies upon which books you read…

The subject of the magazine fundamentally spins around to be a superior individual, to find the energy. Be that as it may, the magazine likewise covers points for that age gathering of kids who are interested and make numerous inquiries. The motivation behind the magazine is to create a curiosity factor.


Orphan kids or villagers have very limited sources or very limited access to the outside world or you can say that they have no access. So under our skill development project, this is the small initiative to provide crucial information about –

  • Various fields, Various arts, Various facts,
  • History, Culture,
  • Health
  • How is India developing?
  • How is the world developing?
  • Puzzles for concentration and memory,
  • To understand creativity,
  • content which will help them to be human.

This is the initiative of the journey to know the world, to understand the world.


The information provided not only satisfies the child’s curiosity, but they also absorb it, thus increasing their knowledge.

  • Enhance the knowledge,
  • Enhance the personality,
  • Discover their hobbies,
  • Creates an important factor of life – Curiosity,
  • Increases interest in reading,
  • It will help the organization to know the potential talent.


They have flawlessly described as a story, which the kid can recall for quite a while. It is a decent instructive magazine and children can look for reference and motivation from it to make new creative ideas, thoughts, and certainties.

Kids can likewise learn distinctive kinds of expressions and artworks. A particular kind of workmanship is distributed in each issue with a point by point data and pictures.

Each issue of the magazine additionally has some good times actualities, challenges, tests, stories, pictures, and riddles that make enthusiasm for the youngsters. The magazine isn’t simply instructive yet in addition engaging.

The writing is so extraordinary that children are simply attracted to the content. The particular pages that emphasis on tending to the issues faced by adult children.


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