Surrogacy in India

 Written by Divya Kumari Edited by Himanshi Shivani Surrogacy is a technique of assisted reproduction where parents deliberately assign a gestational surrogate who will bear and care for their baby until birth. Basically, it's "rent a womb". Couples, who're biologically unable to have a child or who simply don't want to get pregnant, use


!SUICIDE PREVENTION! Written by: J Shiruti & Yashi Shah Edited by: Yashi Shah Suicide Prevention Day is marked on the 10th of September each year. This day was standardized by the International Association for Suicide Prevention. It is an alternative to boost awareness across the world that suicide can be prevented. The ongoing pandemic has

Woman Who Changed Writing In India

Kamla Das- Mother of Modern English Poetry Written by: Akhila Mohan Edited by: Ritika Rana “I am sinner, I am Saint, I am the beloved and the betrayed. I have no joys that are not yours, aches which are not yours, I too call myself “I”  “                                                                                           ~ Kamala Das. Kamala Das

Signs of Violence in a Relationship

12 Signs You're in an Abusive Relationship Written by Lipika B. Nabajya Edited by Himanshi Shivani Does your relationship status bother you often? Are you noticing strange behaviors or behavioral changes in your partner? Are you constantly bothered whether your partner loves you or not? Do you constantly feel threatened by your partner and your

Story of an Intersex Person

Daniel Mary Francis Mendocna  Written by- Ritika Rana When Daniel Mary Francis Mendonca was born doctors found that there was something different about the child, and soon they discovered that albeit Daniel was male in appearance but they (Daniel) possessed internal organs of a female, Daniel was an intersex with XXY hormonal karyotype. As soon as

How digital tools are changing the advertising landscape

Written by- Charu Edited by- Ananya Julka A  simplified  overview of digital marketing Introduction: Today’s customers expect relevant goods/services/content according to their needs. Customer is the king now, organisations put customers first as they are now empowered as never before. Changing Consumer: Customers are aware of the new digital technologies due to

Censorship Of Arts And Artists

Written by: Ashi Chaturvedi Editor: Ritika Rana  The biggest virtue we humans possess is the ability to express what we think, it distinguishes humankind from all other life forms. But what if our right for expression is snatched away from us? What if we no longer can freely express the fabrics of