Ayurai Sacred Groves, as the name suggests are the forests that hold a sacred value among the community due to its old cultural and traditional significance. Sacred forests or groves comprises essentials of natural vegetation. From a few trees to several acres, they are dedicated to local deities or tree spirits.

When we talk about a country like India, considering the diversity of culture and traditions, India has more than 90000 sacred forests located in diverse regions of the country. In addition to the cultural significance of sacred forests, many kinds of research and studies have suggested that they are important components for the conservation of natural diversity, including medicinal herbs and plants.

One another important reason for the conservation of sacred forests is that they are conserved primarily for spiritual reasons. It is always believed that sacred forests are a reminder, indicator of the real self. They are very accomplished in representing the old culture and traditions across the world. Sacred groves are a symbol of long-held traditions of conserving specific land areas that have cultural, and often religious, significance.

In other words, Sacred forests present an alternative view of conservation that is led by norms and taboos rather than formal legal and political frameworks. They protect a wide variety of habitats and hold considerable potential for biodiversity conservation. Such sites offer protection to habitats and species, and this approach to conservation has greater acceptance among native people. But at the same time, current threats to these forests are in large numbers, ranging from pressure for use of timber, cutting of trees, and other forest products to clearing for agriculture or general changes in cultural and religious traditions. And as time is passing, the current generation had also stopped giving much importance to sacred forests.

The need is to address the public by educating and informing the youth as well as the certain communities (that oppose the existence of Sacred groves existence) about the significance of sacred groves. To attain that, Samagra Foundation began taking initiative for educating the society by taking practical measures like planting and nourishing trees. We understand the importance of Ayurveda and the importance of the escalation and conservation of Ayurveda. Because statistically, Ayurvedic plants are diminishing periodically.

We were working in this direction and it appeared in our mind to create Ayurai. Ayurai is the confluence of Devrai (Sacred forest) and ayurvedic plants. It will benefit us in the welfare of nature and ayurvedic plants altogether. Currently, our team members are doing Research and Development on significance, impacts, and benefits for health, education, and nature. We are electing and separating from more than 400 ayurvedic plants.

Ayurai will propagate ayurvedic plants and at the same time, lectures, seminars, and workshops will be held for a layman to run over Ayurveda which will help them to discover Ayurveda and the importance of Sacred groves in routine life. Furthermore, visits and workshops will be directed for medical students as well as professionals. This can help us in providing and generating part-time as well as full- time employment for near village ladies and for those who require employment.

Our Ayurai initiative will help us in achieving our objectives of educating the public, creating necessary conditions for the livelihood of the near village people, and making the best use of nature’s gift.

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