Samagra Foundation, Nashik, runs many projects. Project Vinaya – Forming the Mind is one of them. We initiated this project from August 08, 2018 at Orphan Balagruth, Trambakeshwar, and here on September 16, 2018, drawing competition was organized to encourage creativity and the first three students were awarded prizes. The children took part in it very enthusiastically.
#Vinaya launched to increase the quality of life. For example arts, curiosity, creativity, attitudes, perception, confidence etc. The project duration is 3 months.
Now, the project will be started in Pune along with Nashik. The Shoonya magazine has also been created under this project. Its free allocation will be done in the orphanages, schools, and villages. It will also be published on the Samagra foundation official website and Android applications.

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