Written by- Charu

Edited by- Ananya Julka

A  simplified  overview of digital marketing


Today’s customers expect relevant goods/services/content according to their needs. Customer is the king now, organisations put customers first as they are now empowered as never before.

Changing Consumer:

Customers are aware of the new digital technologies due to which their expectations are increasing. They have more options to choose from. Now they don’t have to buy anymore whatever is produced in the market. In fact, they tell their requirements to producers and accordingly things are produced. Customer prefers those organisations who treat them as a separate individual and recommends product from their purchase history.

Cookies for the customer:

Digital technology helps an organisation to build trust, relationship and helps in interacting with the customers, allowing them to reach to a lot of customers throughout the day with new advertising formats.

Advertisers can now access to personal data with the help of cookies. Now which they can provide products which are useful and one can know about the products with just a click and can get the best deal.

Social media is the strategist:

The brand is now focusing more on content strategy, they believe that they can reach to more number of buyers through social media by messaging, providing videos, organising live streams. Social media plays a significant role when we want direct customer-interaction. We can do this by asking for feed-back through online polls.

Warby Parkar

Even customers itself helps in creating more customers by influencing through social media, they produce their own content by posting pictures of their favourite brands and products. This is evidently seen in the marketing landscape  with companies like Warby Parkar (manufacturer of eyeglasses) which encourages customers to take photos of themselves in these glasses and post them on social media with the #WarbyHomeTryOn . After trying them on for 5 days, customers can return their glasses if they don’t like it. This strategy helps the company with free exposure and advertising. Thus, we can say that these tools have enabled customers to take a more active role in promotion


Thus, we can say that the advent of digital tools has promoted the customer from a mere observer to an active participant in the firm’s decisions on its product and promotion.

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