Written by: Ashi Chaturvedi

Edited by: Yashi Shah

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India has always proved itself as one of the most ‘Neutral’ countries among all. Whether it’s about the dispute with China over trade and boundaries or choosing between the U.S. and Russia, India has tackled each and every situation with the utmost care and control. The current pandemic has led to the suspension of international airlines and hence India has taken the initiative to make temporary arrangements between countries to take commercial passengers to their destinations. This particular arrangement is called Air Bubbles.

Under Vande Bharat Mission, these Air Bubbles are made to help those migrants who want to go back to their homes in the nearest possible time. This facility doesn’t provide the ‘luxuries’ which people enjoy in international air travel but ensures to take them to their homeland with security and safety.

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India has not proposed this deal to Pakistan. India has left Pakistan out of this deal, after taking its previous reactions into consideration, over other sensitive matters. Even after the conflicts over the maps and boundaries, India has successfully taken Nepal to the negotiation stage which proves that India believes in the betterment of its relationship with its neighbours.

Today, India has successfully signed bilateral contracts with countries like the US, the UK, France, Germany, the Maldives, the UAE, and Qatar. Apart from these 5 neighbouring countries, India is still in the talk of negotiation with 13 other countries including Japan and Singapore.

With these attributes of unity, India cannot be challenged when it comes to the welfare of its citizens. India will never hesitate to take an initiative if it is for the betterment of its people. It doesn’t matter if there is a war with any country either on the political front or economic front, India will never step back from taking an initiative and waving its hand for friendship.

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