Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all. Most of us had been to school, most of us may have been to college or university, most of us will feel that our education let us down, our education didn’t give us the skills, the abilities, the mindset that helped us thrive in life and most of all our education did not prepare us for our real future, real decisions, real relationships.

That’s why so many of us feel lost confused and bewildered as we get older in life from 20 to 30 to 40 to 50 and look back and wonder what did we learn and that’s because at school we learn what to think but not how to think and the ideal education system has three elements an ideal education is an education of the head the heart and a hand. let us explain what we mean the education of the head is what we already receive academics knowledge of math, knowledge of English science, history, geography these subjects equip us with knowledge ideas thoughts they educate our head, they make us understand things they improve our memory when we learn them when we’re tested on them these are all valuable skills for our future.

The challenges that’s currently all we get that’s the two that are often missed out are the heart and the hand an education in the heart is understanding the values that lead to long-term growth and long term success things like empathy, kindness, compassion, being able to have emotional intelligence, being able to be aware of yourself and aware of others around you. Knowing how to communicate effectively, knowing how to respect others beliefs and boundaries, knowing how to read in between the lines of other people’s, sports and emotions. This education in the heart would save us so much time and so much energy and potentially even so much money because so much of it is wasted because we’ve never been trained to understand ourselves or understand others.

The final step is an education in the hand being able to give, being able to teach, being able to share, see we remember when we’re engaged and involved we learn more, when we’re teaching we learn more, when we’re giving when we’re experimenting testing trying things out that’s when we accelerate our growth and learning it’s not just when we’re sitting back and waiting to hear ideas and thoughts. When we’re taught how to learn, how to teach and how to share, we’re able to grow, we’re able to enhance we’re able to start living far beyond what we ever imagined because it allows us to have that opportunity to test ourselves in reality to test ourselves with a real person and therefore the two parts of Education that we missed out on at school are the two we should invest in for life.

Think about who are the people that you want to be around that can help you grow your education of the heart values that you want to live by mindsets that you see proving to be successful in people’s lives and think about opportunities where you can make a difference in the lives of others.

We find ourselves when we lose ourselves in the service of others then we use our skills to make a difference in the life of other people we learn so much more about their skills we learn so much more about ourselves and we learn so much more of the meaning and fulfillment that comes from making a difference don’t blame school, don’t blame your parents, don’t blame anything that stopped us from getting a full education all we have to do is get an education in the head the heart and the hand if at any point you feel like you’re not growing, you’re not moving forward, you’re not feeling a positive boost ask yourself which at least three am I in need of? because it’s always going to be one or two of those three that you’re missing.

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