Autism it’s not a retardation

Autism is defined as a disorder that affects the ability to communicate and interact in a social
environment. Autism is related to the nervous system in which it affects the nervous system
which creates some social and mental disturbance which exacerbates our verbal abilities.
While in the case of retardation, the patient suffers from a lack of intelligence. The word
retardation itself means to slow down or reduce, So in case of retardation, our mental
development becomes slow. Mental retardation is a result of disturbance in the genetic
environment. According to a fact, only 2-3% of the population faces the problem of
retardation. But retardation should not be confused with autism.
Autism and retardation are different from each other and should not be melange. Retardation
is considered as an intellectual disability while autism effects on communication abilities.
Most of the symptoms are similar which makes people believe that autism is retardation, but
the fact is that autism is not retardation. Retardation is caused by trauma during birth due to
excessive exposure to the drugs and alcohol while autism is caused due to some
abnormalities in the brain, it is also known as a spectral disorder as it is somehow related to
the nervous system.
According to the stats, retardation is severe as compared to autism but is found in only 1-2%
of the population, while autism is found in about 10% of the population and has a less
severity rate. Mental retardation is considered in those who have less IQ levels than others
but in the case of autism, one can have a good IQ but is facing problems with
communication. According to me, we can work on improving the communication skills by
putting consistent efforts but we can boost the IQ or mental ability considerably. In both
cases, we need extra care and attention.
Autism should not be confused with retardation as it impacts on children as well. Consider
an example if a child named gourav suffers from autism had face some difficulties in verbal
communication and eye contact, but what if people confused it with retardation and starts
teasing him. This kind of behavior affects the child a lot as it reduces there confidence,
makes them feel aloof and sad, and most important child starting losing his faith in himself. It
is aptly said that “ If you lose faith in yourself then you will lose in everything”.

It is necessary to spread awareness to avoid such kind of behavior towards the suffered once by not mixing retardation and autism. Both of them can be cured with proper medical treatment, care, and

What we can do our best is by supporting them and giving them the same love, care, and affection that they deserve.

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