Greetings Everyone, cheer-up there is some good news. Samagra Foundation is holding a National Competition for Creativity. Due to the current ongoing COVID-19 situation we are all stuck in our homes aloof from the outside world. Well Samagra Foundation has got an idea which would bring the outside world inside our homes- the fun, the interaction, the competitiveness, the frolic etc. We believe in following every rule imposed upon us as this is for our own safety. So, you ask how do we bring the outside world inside? Well, we thought over it and came up with the idea of the National Competition Of Creativity between 05/05/2020 to 15/05/2020

Let’s begin with the theme of the competition. Its simple, we are going to show our gratitude towards the Warriors risking their lives for us and working day-in day-out for us. These warriors include everyone from the Police to the milk-man who risk their lives daily to keep all the necessary services working.

The Competition Includes:

  1. Drawing
  2. Article writing 
  3. Poetry
  4. Speech
  5. Solo Singing 
  6. Solo Dancing.
  7. Rangoli

You Can Use The Following Topics :

  1. Gratitude Towards Warriors
  2. Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam
  3. Patriotic
  4. Other

This competition is open for all and you can submit the entries online through +91 9373726962.  The entry fees are Rs. 20 for each category. If you are one of the warriors [Doctors/Defense/Police] or a youngling [under 5 years old] the entry is completely free. The fund collected through the competition will be used for funding various activities of the NGO.

Perks: Each participant will receive a e-certificate of excellence, the winners get Free Online Training and many more.

So guys participate in this fun competition and help Samagra Foundation bow to the warriors working for our safety!!

Contact for registration on +91 9373726962 or

Register Participation

For Free registration – If you are one of the warriors [Doctors/Defense/Police] or a youngling [under 5 years old] the entry is completely free. Contact on – +91 9373726962

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