It is true that eyesight is a disease at an early age. Yet very few people know that there is a visual impairment behind it. Fortunately most of the eyes are ignored because the second eye is safe and all the work is done on it. That is, by examining it, because the solution, the simple attempt to make ends meet, does not come from parents at an early age. This is noted in my 3 years of practice. Only medical malpractice, driving license, obstruction of marriage or difficulty in getting a job will be treated at that time. Only those who have children and girls in their homes, will experience social consequences. Hunger, annoyance, inferiority, demerit deficiencies have to be endured. It would not be possible to say that ignorance, misunderstanding and lack of credible measures are the main reasons for the neglect and discomfort of the scientific and social perspective. For this, health and social institutions should come together and run by the government and non-profit organizations as a movement to eradicate this scorn.

For the last 3 years, the institute has conducted 6 inspection camps, 3 free surgeries through the camps, six free and effective surgery for the obese patients, and 5 successful surgeries. In this the financial support of the government’s hospital facilities and non-profit organizations was based on this triangular work. The participation of 5 institutes, the training of 5 ophthalmologists, the writing of 3 mammals and the accurate lectures on the three times, the honorable entry in the Limca Book of Records of the three times the highest surgery, these features were successful in the tribal areas of Chandrapur, Pusad, Shirpur, Bhimashankar. In Gadchiroli, for the past few years, all the government’s education mission has started sending desperate children to this camp. It is the only successful experiment in the country.

Social misconceptions: – Looking at the toys of the observance, the anger of God, the bruise of the hair, the duplication of the second oblique child, weakness, fever in large numbers in rural areas; There are reasons. So as the child grows older it is surprising that the biggest misconception in the medical field is that it is automatically cured.

The reality is that in a city with an educational center like Pune, which has a child prevalence rate of 1-5%, the number of these patients will be around 5. In rural areas, it will be high at 5% Where the child is examined, diagnosed, treated, and treated, the specialist can perform surgery on it. Such arrangements are rare and rare in public health institutions. The arrangements in the private are small, they are not in the voice of the ordinary, so the general patient is wandering around. There is no governing body that gives him a precise, reliable and lasting solution.

1) The fact is, most people do not know that the skeletal eyes are deficient or impaired.
2) It is not known at an early age that treatment is more useful and far-reaching, with and without surgical intervention.
3) If it is shown as soon as possible, then it can be helpful to prevent glaucoma with proper treatment by glasses, exercise, medicines.
4) Before the surgery, vision correction – with glasses and exercise – should be done with full effort and then surgery.
5) If necessary, these surgeries are successful at a young age of one and a half to three years.
6) The mistake that is given to young children is given successfully through the veins without nasal passages and gases. This is easier said than done.
7) It is important to have surgery on both eyes at the same time. Older obesity, greater obliquity, oblique appearance in both eyes, redness that can be removed for social reasons, are the reasons for surgery.
8) Late surgery at an early age does not improve vision. But skewness can be corrected.
9) It is impossible to remove the skeletons in the unborn eye without the congenital eye enlargement.
10) Conventional eye examination for obliquity can detect congenital diseases, cataracts, venous diseases, asthenopia, palsy of eyes, eyesight, number of glasses small and large.
11) Improves vision, treatment for internal ailments, the use of glasses in early childhood treatment.
12) In general, 1/3 of patients can be treated with catastrophic treatment. 1/3 requires surgery. Some patients are not monitored, while some do not have complete treatment.
13) Surgery can be done 80 percent in one stage. 10-20 percent PS or 2-3 times.

14) Children under 5-10 years use glasses and exercise.
15) Beyond 25 years of age are brain diseases, headaches, diabetes, high blood pressure, bacterial fever illnesses. It is important to conduct investigations from their other experts.

Social situation

The camp’s experience of correcting obesity for 25 years shows that awareness has increased where camps become regular. In the beginning, the daughters of the bride were just ready for the operation. From a six-month-old baby to 7-year-old, he is also getting ready for surgery and surgery. The one-eyed patient works as a brand ambassador and many poor patients in that village have started to join in faith. After 25 consecutive camps in Amravati for 21 consecutive years, the girls get married every year

When you meet at the camp and express happiness, work gets a lot of satisfaction.

The participation of local opticians as well as governmental and non-governmental organizations is vital for the elimination of oblique movement far and wide. It will not take long for this personal, social movement to succeed if everyone contributes to cooperation and cooperation. The districts of Amravati, Baramati, Ahmednagar, Chandrapur, Pune have achieved great success. This has to be done more vigorously by the health department of ‘Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan’. Because it is doing a great harm to the younger generation of the future. Should look at it with memory. This will not be ignored in the cataract eradication program. There is a high proportion of girls and boys who do not attend school, the laborers and the poor in the fields are not included in any school health check up. Free camps are urgently needed for this.

It is important to remember that surgery is the right solution when it comes to early, early diagnosis and early treatment.

What to do?
In the event that you or your spouse is suspected of splinting, you should have an (urgent) ophthalmologist examined. At that point, diagnosis should be initiated and treatment started immediately.

Keep in mind that a 1-year-old can be given glasses.
Efforts should be made to improve the eyesight of children.
Great redness, no improvement for a long time, is a sign that surgery is necessary if there is a slight redness in both eyes.
The second consultation with the specialist who performs the surgery is combined.
At a young age and at the same time, it is important and necessary to have the surgery on both eyes. Better take a second opinion about it.
It is important to remember that genetics is possible to some extent.
Generally 6 months of glasses. Surgery is necessary at a young age, even if there is no improvement in exercise, medication, treatment.
Glasses and exercise may apply after surgery. Have to keep going for a few days.
Oblique surgery is not to reduce the number. He does not go number nor decrease.

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