School is a place where students go for getting ready to face the world outside school be it in studies or sports. But according to recent analysis, one more activity has started in schools i.e, physical and verbal abuse. Safety at school grants children to look ahead to being an encouraging environment that promotes social and creative learning.

Anything can happen in this world in this time. The world is changing at a rapid speed. Students must be prepared to face all types of challenges in studies or sports depending on their field of choice. But most importantly they must know how to take care of themselves. How to keep themselves safe? For this safety training is very important for them. This can include First aid training, CPR training, training for situations like Harassment and Abuse. Out of which we think Training for Harassment and Abuse is most important for all and specially for girls considering the current situation of our country.

First aid training includes basic things that must be done after any mishap or accident has taken place. This is the most important thing which can sometimes play an important role in saving the life of a person. CPR i.e, Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation is a life saving technique used in medical emergencies like cardiac arrest or heart attack. CPR can be required at any moment to any person and a person must know this cause it is the only technique without any instruments can revive a person back from the dead. Training for Harassment and Abuse can include basic karate, and special training for girls considering the current condition of our country.

We are trying to add this in schools curriculum since when children in this age learn fast and whatever they learn in this age stays with them life-long.
Samagra Foundation has taken the initiative of trying to add atleast these schemes in their school’s curriculum. According to us, this safety training is necessary for each and every human being.
But we can’t do this alone. We will be requiring your support. All you have to do is just sign this petition and we will try our best and make sure that atleast these schemes are added in schools curriculum.

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