Literacy means the ability to read and write. Being able to read and write is an important skill in modern society.
According to UNESCO, illiteracy is not being able to read and write.
In India, according to 2011 census, the overall rate of literacy is 73%. Rate of literacy of Men is 80.9% whereas for women its only 64.6%. This lack of literacy percentage in women illiteracy is due to the fact that still today females in rural areas are not allowed to study and married at a young age of 18 or 20.
As per NSS 71st round report, literacy rate of females in rural areas is 56.8%. According to people in rural areas work of women is just to look after the house and give birth.
But we Samagrains don’t think that way. We have taken to responsibility of bringing a change in the mindset of people in rural areas. For a start, we are currently planning on educating women in Nashik and Jalgaon District.
As we will start getting results, this program will be expanded all over Maharashtra and we will also try to implement this scheme all over India. This will do the world of good for the literacy rate of rural area as well as for India.
Literacy also provides better employment prospects and giving a higher socio-economic status. Increased literacy rate also leads to decreased population growth rate and thus a country’s resources better shared among less people, resulting in better output from working class which ultimately results in increased economic growth of the country.
Due to the illiteracy, they can face certain problems, someone can make a fool out of them since they can’t read or write.
Someone can take of their thumb imprints on any legal documents related to their land or owned home, etc i.e, An Act of Fraud.
We have designed a training program for educating women. This program will take care of education for them from basic education required to the development of their skill set. We also guarantee the employment of each and every person under this scheme.
The various programmes designed by Samagra Foundation are as follows:-
 Skill development for Business Sector, Private Sector and Government Sector.
 Handicraft Making.
 Laghu Udyog Groups.
 Government Documentation.
 Awareness of their Rights.
 Intellectual Development.
 Personality Development.
 Digital Training including Software Development, Blogging, Designing, Freelancing and many more.
 Employment training based on their capabilities and skill base.
 Entrepreneur Training and Support.

The educational program will be depended on the growth of that individual. They will be tested any we will see how they perform, if that particular person is doing good then he can go to next level or say next program.

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